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    Good Day!

    Theme Fusion recently published an article summarizing Avada 7.3 (coming soon).

    Great article. Unfortunately, Theme Fusion has once again missed the target.

    For the last 8-18 months, customers have been asking for a leaner, meaner theme. Avada 7.3 fails to address what we need the most: Performance and Speed.

    Google and other search engines now rank websites based on Mobile Scores, not Desktop scores. Avada’s Mobile Scores have consistently been the lowest compared to many other themes.

    So, again, when is Theme Fusion going to focus on what matters most to its customers?

    Source: https://theme-fusion.com/feature-voting/

    If you’re not going to listen to your customers, might as well get rid of the above link and continue doing what you like – all while your customers start migrating their websites to other themes. It’s happening now.

    Stephen Covey said it best. If you want to be effective, succeed, and win others over, follow this simple habit: “Put First Things First.”


    PS: We tried to place this comment below above article, but this is the return message we got: https://prnt.sc/10pi4j4

    Michael C
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    Moderator Update: The performance release is now under development. You can check the status of development at https://theme-fusion.com/feature-voting. In the meantime you can also check out some setup suggestions https://theme-fusion.com/forums/topic/avadas-huge-performance-problem/page/4/#post-830892.


    I am not sure what you hope to achieve with this post. Like I have stated to you many times, if you want to contact ThemeFusion then use the contact form. Do not post passive aggressive forum threads on the community forum. Similarly if you notice a bug with the commenting then use the report a bug contact form. If you continue to post in the vein your ability to post on the forum will be removed. This is the last warning.

    Regarding your actual disappointment about the performance release, you can see the reason from the very link you are posting. The WooCommerce builder was already in development when the feature voting went live. After that (7.3 concludes it) we will work on a performance release. That was the plan then and continues to be the plan now. If 7.3 were the performance release you would have seen the status change on the feature voting page.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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