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  • mpr1980
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    I created a ticket about two years ago and also created a WordPress user for them, so they could login and check some stuff.
    However, this user is now being used by others to try to take over my website. I took some extra security measures, but it suprises me that only that particular username is being used. Anybody know about a data breach?
    This has been going on for like once a week, since more than a month. Over 400 illegal attempts from all over the world with this username. I blocked all the IP’s permanently and deleted the user, but stil..

    Ammar. S
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    Hello @mpr1980

    Your last ticket with us was 2 years ago and after that no ticket was submitted, at ThemeFusion we take security very seriously and we can assure you that there was no data breach or anything at all from our end, we also recommend you to please make sure that you remove any extra user accounts which are not being used and install proper security plugins such as WordFence, any website can be hacked and compromised if proper hardening practices have not been made.

    You can learn about this here in details => https://wordpress.org/support/article/hardening-wordpress/



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    Please allow me to jump in.

    I agree with Ammar. You may also want to consider paying for a security plugin for extra protection and monitoring. In our case, we use both iThemes Security Pro and Cloudflare Pro. Combined, you will be protected from all angles.

    If your budget doesn’t allow it, iThemes Security (free plugin) and Cloudflare (free) still offer great protection.


    Ammar. S
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    Hello @Jetxper-Envato

    Good to hear that and thanks for helping out the community members 🙂
    Have a good day everyone!


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