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    I have followed the installation process of Avada as per the documentation on my localhost. Updated all the PHP resources, with more than the recommended limits(>512MB). Still while importing some demos it throws an error:
    Demo import failed. Please check for PHP limits in red on the System Status page. Change those to the recommended value and try again.”

    This alternate import is not a fail-safe method as it would reset the existing theme. All in one migration plugin is a horrible backup plugin(from my experience) for including as a backup option on WordPress or for anything.

    Finally was able to understand that even the demo import is not straightforward as advertised.
    In the end, had to follow the following steps:
    1. Partial import for Avada classic without products and images
    2. Import product and images for the same theme(At this point even after importing all the files, it shows “partial import”)
    3. Reset Avada theme global options, set menu, and set homepage in WordPress settings. Gets the website UI to look like the demo, but still, CSS styling seems to be broken with horizontal lines on all the text.
    4. Tried Alternate import, which worked, and now hope to keep backup at every point (Live life on the edge) because the Avada importer is a high-risk element.

    Even on localhost with only premium plugins installed(Exception: layer slider/slider revolution is a free version plug-in offered), it throws PHP memory limit error, which is not possible.
    I understand that this Demo import feature is a plus, but many factors/settings change when changing the elements of the website instantaneously. There must be certain updates that can be implemented, as this is a recurring issue since October 15, 2018.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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