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    Hi there,

    My client is going to be selling PDF digital downloads. We currently have Woo eCommerce installed but it’s not mandatory to use it. I am looking into 2-3 other avenues for this but none of them offer what I need out of the box either.

    All the product pages I’ve tried display like a typical online store and she doesn’t want that. This is what she’s looking for to display her product search results:

    1. Wants her results page to look like a Google search results page.

    2. Does *not* want to use images or thumbnails so the results would be strictly text results (see #1).

    3. Wants a Buy/Add to Cart button to be positioned after each search result.

    4. Because her products are PDF’s I’m thinking I’m going to have to utilize the alt/title type tags to bring up what text she wants to show in her results.

    I know I can get paid customization(s) but wanted to get some ideas from folks here. Perhaps someone has done this kind of thing before and can tell me how for example or has some ideas how to accomplish this without too much additional cost.

    Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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