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    I have created a custom post layout using the Layout Builder. My intentions are to have the navigation on the site for all the pages, but when I make an announcement POST, I don’t want any navigation. Just the logo.

    I believe I have done everything right, but apparently not.

    I have created the post with category – Announcement
    I have created the Announcement layout with conditional logic to show when category = announcement.

    For some reason, the post is still defaulting to the global layout and not my custom layout.

    Any assistance would greatly be appreciated!


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    I have same problem here, hope someone can help.

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    For your announcement category layout, did you try something like:

    Create a duplicate of the header the rest of the site uses, delete the nav, leaving only the logo, and assign that section to the “Select Header” slot of your new layout?

    If you create the new layout, assigned the condition, but left the “Select Header” slot empty, then that layout will still inherit the global header, since there is nothing telling it to use a different one.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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