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  • aksteve
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    I have noticed that when I have a convert plus popup on the same page as an Avada modals, the modals don’t work well. They all end up with the overlay ON TOP of the modal.

    When a convert plus popup was set to open on the page (and after closing it) I would then click open the Avada modal and it would have the white overlay ON TOP of the modal and the modal was unusable.

    I then noticed that this also happens with the Avada portfolio. If I have a convert plus popup scheduled on a portfolio page and then click on a portfolio image, the image is covered by the white overlay.

    See for yourself:
    Convert plus and portfolio (just scroll down a bit a click the magnify glass on a portfolio item on this page https://web907.com/

    Now, go to this page with no convert plus popup and click a portolio item (it works fine), https://web907.com/our-work/

    So something is obviously wrong. I hope the Avada folks figure it out. Because convert plus is ruining all their modals and their portfolio.

    Ammar. S
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    Hello @asksteve

    We can assure you there is no issue with the Convert Plus 3.5.13 version being used with Avada version 7.1.1, I have just tested this on my site and it works all fine and good, here is a test page => https://ammartestsite.com/3408-2/

    Please double check your console for any other possible 3rd party errors.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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