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    in the tab panel “Mail”
    there are 4 configuration errors detected..?
    To : ! invalid mailbox syntax is used
    From ; ! invalid mailbox syntax is used
    Subject : ! There is a possible empty field
    Message body ; ! there is a possible empty field

    What does this all mean. I am very new at all this… is there a guide for doing this. is this related to avada or theme fusion..?
    i can’t send a support ticket because they ask for things i don’t have any clue what they are asking…
    I hope anyone can help me out on this

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    Hi @kri2tof,

    The best place to post this question is to the Contact Form 7 forum. Not here in the Avada forum. But, as always–please read through the setup documentation first. Especially in your case where your questions are already answered in the docs.


    Since you are having trouble with the most basic Contact Form 7 setup, I suggest you use a different form application. I personally think Contact Form 7 is not easy to use (geared towards coders). And, I don’t like how it loads its JavaScript libraries on every page of your site even if you have only one contact form on one page (performance hit).

    I would consider not using a plugin for your forms. Try something easier and with less maintenance like a SAAS (software as a service) app such as Jotform or Typeform.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you @marklchaves,

    What i did : i just removed the Contact form on the pages and added a new one. And the problem isn’t there anymore.
    The form was originally in the avada theme.
    I am very new at these things. my knowledge is very, very little.
    So Contact form 7 is not that good plugin for the performance of the site..?
    You suggest another plugin… Will it work with that theme.
    And i can just remove contact form 7 from my plugins list..?

    Thanks again for the time you have taken to answer my question!
    i really appreciate it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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