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    I have a few code blocks on my website that add images wrapped in links with some manual firing tracking code in them. the code on the back end looks like it should. but when I publish and look at the front end, Avada seems to add multiple ” to every place I already have one?

    i.e. I designate a class with class=”class_1″ and upon inspecting the frontend HTML is being rendered as class=””class_1″” same goes for href, src, and style attributes, every quote is duplicated. which entirely breaks the HTML. It wouldn’t be broken if it were rendered simply as written on the back-end in the code block.

    I’ve tried enabling and disabling the setting “code block encoding” it seems to make no difference on the front end, and when it’s set to “yes” I’m unable to edit the blocks on the back-end.

    anyone else experiencing this? any thoughts on ways to troubleshoot?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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