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    I am making use of Avada for the website of a French startup

    There are a few elements that I cannot setup in the theme options like :
    – replace “Related posts” by another French phrase
    – replace “Go to” in the mobile menu by a French equivalent

    I created a child theme which contains :

    – style.css
    – function.php
    – includes/avada-functions.php
    – includes/class-avada-scripts.php
    – templates/blog-layout.php

    My guess was that, when the child theme would be activated, each time the Avada theme would get an update, those files would just replace the new ones. And that it would not affect my customization.

    Yet it seems I missing something because for instance, I still have to manually rename “Related posts” in the Avada theme. The files in my child theme simply do not seem to have any effects.

    How can I make persistent changes while still getting updates – at least security updates ?

    (I should add that those are not just translation changes but some custom wordings that deeply reflect the nature of the website)

    Thank you

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    This is my take on child themes.

    Make sure your child theme style.css file follows the Avada child theme style.css template.


    Actually, if you’ve never used the Avada child theme setup, you might want to start clean and use it.

    Your filename for function.php should be functions.php. You’re missing the “s”. This could be one of the reasons you aren’t seeing any benefits from your child theme.

    Also, overriding/adding to functions.php is quite different from overriding the header.php for example. Learn more here.


    Lastly, I don’t know if WordPress picks-up files in a child theme subdirectory e.g. your includes/avada-functions.php. Maybe a WordPress/PHP/child theme expert can chime in here.

    Good luck!

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    – replace “Related posts” by another French phrase
    – replace “Go to” in the mobile menu by a French equivalent

    these should be translated “replaced” from fusion builder translation file, not from theme file. check the translation file for fusion builder.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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