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    I am building a website for my company and thought it would be easier to use a prebuilt theme and I chose the avada theme to work off of – I built a staging site off my personal wordpress account and then my employer setup their own AWS server for me to import the site to – I did that and it was working fine until the update to the theme to 7.01

    Within a day I saved a change and my entire site was reformmated –

    • the header is switched to another option

    • the search option was turned back on the header when I turned it off

    • the logo is removed and changed to the generic avada logo

    • the buttons changed in format and color

    • the custom fonts I had added in and applied to the body and headers section disappeared – the fonts are still in my media library but no longer added to the settings in the Typography section

    • the footer copy is removed and replaced with the avada generic copy and two footer options are added into the site

    • the social media icons from the footer that I removed were added back in

    I setup a support ticket and had been emailing tech support for this past week and gave them access to the site after the first time this happened and was told to clean my cache on the site, I did and it didn’t work

    I was then told he couldn’t figure it out and I would just need to fix the changes back – I did that and it happened again and I fix that and it happened a third time – each time is after I save a change and refresh

    I sent an email back to tech support stating that this is ridiculous and I need this site to be done this week for a launch and I was given a response that I needed to not have too many tabs open – I have one tab open for my edits to the site, I was then told to have a backup of my site which also makes no sense as my site is still being finalized, or this may be a server issue? and then was told no one else is having this problem so I am reaching out to see if anyone has had this happen to their site where settings changed significantly and copy content is even missing?

    Luckily this site is just a one page scrolling format and it’s not heavy with content but this is crazy to keep happening and no explanation as to why

    Any insight would be great, thanks

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