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    Since a few days and the last update i can’t save change on my page

    – try to change a simple text box
    – clic on save -> it’s look good
    – clic on update my page and then i go back on the articles section !? Why ?
    Then nothing change on my page

    I try on different page, same problem
    I try to desactivate all plugin (i only check avada core and avada fusion) -> same problem
    I try to uninstall this plugin and reinstall. -> same problem
    I try to create a new page, same problem

    Avada is update, all plugin are update so i don’t understand. No error on status page, all patchs are applied

    Thanks for your help

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    Sorry a mistake on my post
    Please read : i only check avada core v5.4.2 and avada builder 3.4.2 (and not fusion)

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    If you’re totally sure it’s not your cache, you might want to check your max_input_vars by going to your Avada System Status.


    If your max_input_vars is less than 2,000, try bumping it up to 4,000.

    You can also check for max_input_vars errors in your PHP error log or by using a troubleshooting plugin like Query Monitor.

    Hope that helps 🙂

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    In addition to what @mark said ^,
    – did you check browser console for any errors (probably not but it’s possible)
    – try it all in different browser
    – try switching to default non-Avada theme, just to really be sure. Wouldn’t work of course if it was an Avada post type, and other things will surely be broken, but you can at least see if it saves as it should.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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