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    I updated WP (4.9.6) and Avada (5.5.2) today. After the update I updated all plug ins but have problems with Fusion Builder, the upgrade kept crashing out. I uninstalled Fusion Builder and tried to reinstall it but it will not reinstall. I get the following message “Downloading installation package from …….” but will not move on from that.

    Any help would be very much appreciated

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    I am also unable to install Fusion Builder after installing Avada 5.5.2. Fusion Core was updated with no problem, but repeated attempts to install Fusion Builder failed. I deleted and reinstalled Avada, but this did not solve the problem either. Not sure what is going on since I successfully installed Avada 5.5.2 on 2 other websites. Any thoughts?

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    I also have this problem. It tries to install, hangs for a while, and then I get a 504 error after it times out.

    The core problem I’m trying to solve is that, upon activating Fusion Builder, my site crashes and I get Error 500.

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    Same issue. Site is down with 504 error. Happened with 5.7.1 as well. My only fix was to delete Avada and reinstall. Currently, I cannot activate Fusion Builder at all.

    Help, please.

    Michael C
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    Hi @johntodd you have grandfathered support. To submit a support ticket please visit – https://theme-fusion.com/support/submit-a-ticket/

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    i also have the same problem after today i update my Avada to [ Version 5.7.2 ]
    and then i update my fusion slider then fusion builder
    after that fusion builder get auto deactivate it self dont know why !!
    i try to activate it and it give me white page ..
    and i try to send ticket but [ Your support period has expired ]

    so what i can do now to solve this problem

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    Hello @sherif

    A 500 Internal server error/white screen is a server related error. This happens due one of two reasons. (1) The update was not performed correctly/completed and/or (2) Your servers PHP configuration limits may need to be adjusted (most often the WP Memory Limit)

    When it does come to updating and you are ready to do so, be sure to follow our update instructions. These are our detailed update instructions:

    Updating from an old version of Avada? -> http://bit.ly/2pPNngZ

    Important Update Info -> http://bit.ly/1FAmQpu

    How to Update -> http://bit.ly/1H8JGzo

    Fusion Patcher -> http://bit.ly/1QSd8Ol

    Avada Change log -> http://bit.ly/1EK5mAg

    Something else that is important is to also ensure any patches that our team releases between update cycles are applied as part of ongoing maintenance for your install and always clear your cache plugins post update

    Patches are applied at the click of a button as explained in this help file -> http://bit.ly/1NAWVwM

    If you need further assistance or have any further questions, please create a support ticket using the link below and our support team will gladly assist you

    Click Here To Get Avada Support

    We look forward to helping you!

    Thank you kindly

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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