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  • Pyrotechnix
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    I got some big problems with my avada blog page. Since the last update my Site-Layout is just not working. I used fusion builder to add headlines and some text on my blog-page. but it now all disappeared and i get an one colum page which just looks a litt ugly =)

    you can see it here: LINK

    In the global setting i configured 2 colums grid style. I really dont know how to fix this issue.

    anybody got the same problem?

    Michael C
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    Hi @Pyrotechnix,

    There are many types of blogs so please make sure the option you have set to 2 columns is indeed the relevant one.
    In particular there is:
    1. Assigned blog page, layout set in Theme Options
    2. Blog archive layout set in Theme Options
    3. Blog element, layout set in the element itself. Only the default columns can be set in Theme Options and that is specifically for grid and masonry layouts.

    Judging by your page you have a blog element here and have set that to the medium layout. In which case there will also be one column. If you want two columns you would need to edit the element and change the options from medium to grid or masonry.

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    If you are using W3 Total Cache, make sure your Avada setting “Load Media-Queries Files Asynchronously” is turned OFF. That fixed the problem on several sites I manage. BTW the problem affected not only the blog page w/right sidebar, but individual posts w/right sidebar, and 3-column footers. For some reason, it did not affect 2-column footers.

    What I was seeing was .fusion-columns .fusion-column { float: none; width: 100% !important; margin: 0 0 50px; box-sizing: border-box; } in a minified cached css file and no amount of emptying the cache would fix, until I disabed asynchronous loading of media query css.

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    I have a similar issue, my blog layout is broken. I want to set a 3 columns grid layout, but what I see is an ugly 1-column layout.

    What I see in code (besides I’m not an expert) is correct.

    massimo basso archives for africa

    (cached with wp-rocket, asset cleanup and cloudflare)

    #posts-container > div.fusion-posts-container.fusion-blog-layout-grid.fusion-blog-layout-grid-3.isotope.fusion-blog-equal-heights.fusion-blog-pagination.fusion-blog-rollover.fusion-blog-layout-center

    Can someone help me?
    Thank you

    Ammar. S
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    Hello @maxonline

    You do have a valid support and should be able to open a support ticket without any issues, can you please do that and our team will gladly assist you further.

    Click Here To Create An Account & Get Avada Support



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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