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  • kylekucseradesign
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    If you want to filter Blog Posts, I recommend GridBuilderWP, https://wpgridbuilder.com/. I just designed an Avada site with post-filtering and this software was absolutely amazing. Of course until Avada comes out with their own 😀

    Here is an example.

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    This is really bad, I hadn’t even checked if this was part of the theme as it’s such a basic feature…. a blog with category filters….. WHAT? You don’t have this? This has totally stopped me in my tracks, my client is not happy and I need a solution. Can someone recommend something?!?!?! If I use a different plug in then my styles change, I don’t want that…this is so so bad. AVADA what?!

    Ammar. S
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    Hello Everyone

    We would like everyone to know that our next version that is 7.8 and will be released very soon already have this option for filtering in postcards, this means you can actually filter any post type that is created via post cards, this will provide our users complete freedom to design or filter different post types be it, posts, products or portfolios.



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    Hi Ammar,

    Any updates on the 7.8 release?
    Really looking forward to this filtering function!

    Gr, Ivo

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    Hi @ncworksgroup

    Avada 7.8 was released on 12 July, and Avada 7.8.1 was released yesterday, 26 July. You can check the changelog here > https://theme-fusion.com/documentation/avada/installation-maintenance/avada-changelog/

    You can also check out the Avada 7.8 What’s New page here > https://avada.theme-fusion.com/whats-new-in-7-8/

    Please note that you have active support, and our support team does not provide support via the community forum. If you need assistance, please create a support ticket using the link below, and our support team will gladly assist you.

    Click Here To Get Avada Support

    Thank you kindly

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    Thanks @Michael,
    unfortunately, the 7.8 filtering isn’t in Post Card Archives at all and is of very limited use in Post Cards. A few examples of what I mean:

    • Filters are only shown if posts with those terms are already visible. Once you have more than one page of results this becomes a real problem. You can show the hidden ones with CSS but clicking them doesn’t retrieve the first page of relevant posts.
    • There are not AND or OR operators. You can have one or all but never a combination of terms.
    • In addition to this, filters are limited to one taxonomy. You can’t cross reference two taxonomies
    • The design is pretty much set in stone. If you have many terms or want a dropdown list or checkboxes or radio buttons or number range filters, too bad.
    • There’s no sorting or search functionality.

    I really don’t want to speak ill of all your hard work but what we really NEED is compatibility with fully-functional filtering plugins that already exist. If post cards worked seamlessly with Search & Filter Pro, I could do all of the above and more.

    Complex filtering is such a common need and Post Cards simply can’t do it.

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    Hi @kylekucseradesign,

    I too have resulted to WP GridBuilder for filtering of ACF Fields – however I cannot for the life of me get the ACF filter facet to work. The GridBuilder docs are of no help and I’ve watched several “training” videos that seem to have the same issue as I have, i.e. the filter never displays on the frontend.

    I have Custom Content Filter enabled.

    Is there some sort of function I need to add to my functions.php to get the wpgb-content to display?

    Hope you can help…


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