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  • idogan
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    Avada is great looking but very very slow theme.
    May be one of the slowest theme of wordpress
    It has many features. Most of time We don’t use most of these features but those features still slows down our web sites. It doesn’t matter whether you disable from the Fusion builder settings or from the Avada Theme options >> advenced features. Those unused features are still in the css and javascripts.
    That is why we get bad pagespeed insight scores. My web site lost 80% of visitors in May 2020. Google decreased my web site rankings due to low pagespeed insight scores.
    Good looking is nothing without visitors.
    Avada needs to give us really working tuning settings, so we really can disable unnecessary things.
    I have 3 Avada licenses but It looks like I will move another fast theme like GeneratePress or Astra etc
    Here you can see yourself how much garbage in the Avada stays always there and performance tunings never works.


    Michael C
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    There is more to performance than the CSS and JS being loaded. However, in response to the article in 7.0 the element CSS will be dependently loaded depending on whether the element is enabled or not. Also for the JS this is already the case. If you see JS being loaded when the element is disabled it means it is being used elsewhere in the theme and cannot be completely disabled (for example tooltips in social links in the header).

    After 7.0 we also have plans to redo some of the saving to improve efficiency of assets on the front-end.

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    I would like to give some more information
    In my website gzip enabled
    I don’t use unnecessary plugins, I have only litespeed cache plugin, yoast seo, PWA, Loginizer, and Fusion Builder and Fusion Core. Nothing else.
    I used cloudflare CDN it improved a little bit but not much. Than now I am using quic.cloud cdn it improved more than cloudflare.
    All of my image optimised, compressed well I also use webp. I use Lazy load etc.
    I noticed that Avada’s performance settings don’t work well with litespeed page optimisation. If I use both pagespeed score decreases. If I leave most of avada performance setting off and Litespeed page optimisation setting on than it is better. I dont ıuse child teheme. Everyhting updated including php
    Only problems left in pagespeed insight score are unused css and unused js

    I hope you focus performance in Avada 7, We dont need additional feature 🙂

    Thanks for your reply

    B W
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    I see things a little differently on Avada and performance. The supposed improvements do not appear to be there. I have used several tools to interrogate the JS and CSS that is loaded.

    1) There is a LOT of non-compliant junk in the CSS that if you check the w3c CSS vlidator, you will find mountains of errors, and a LOT of old, deprecated GARBAGE (obviously performance is NOT a consideration for Avada) – check out your own site: https://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator

    2) Turning off elements does NOT remove any JS or CSS that I can tell. I have even opened a support ticket on this and got the message back that they can’t do much because of dependencies of JS between other JS objects and because of CSS dependencies. If the deprecated GARBAGE CSS is any indication, no one at Avada really cares about performance. Especially after the theme is sold.

    3) I can’t even edit the GARBAGE out myself because the very next update brings all of the trash back in!

    I’m nearing a breaking point with the bloated garbage pit that this is becoming. I have started posting to lots of the theme comparison sites that they should start doing performance testing of ANY theme they consider. That has started at some places. I’m also looking at changing out the Avada theme and continuing to post a major “buyer beware” EVERYWHERE because of the MASSIVE performance issues. Performance nearly destroyed Divi and about a year ago they got more serious about it. I don’t see that happening with Avada.

    Recent problem – I tried to update my JQuery version to 2.2.4 for significantly better performance and security. It broke my drop-down menu. WHY? Aren’t the JS coding standards even up to basic modern standards? HOW could using 2.2.4 break the JS menu drop down without the JS core code being a bunch of old, outdated junk!

    Caveat emptor! Buyer beware!

    B W
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    By the way, just in case anyone wonders about all of this, it is a problem that goes back several years, that Avada is FULLY aware of, and keeps telling people it is all working!


    Avada will never fix this because you don’t find out about the mess until AFTER you buy the theme. THEN they have no incentive to do anything about it! EVEN when folks spell out the solution, provide them the answers, and even do lots of the coding for them just like the folks did in the post above! THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT PERFORMANCE!

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    I like your plan!

    Avada is a great theme and we’re fortunate that Theme-Fusion provides free updates for life.

    In all honesty, however, it’s time to stop adding features to the theme and make it, instead, more efficient and faster.

    I would bet you a pint (or two) that 80-90% of Avada users would prefer to wait 3-6 months for another major theme update as long as it promises to be faster and raise both mobile and desktop PageSpeed scores to between 85-95 (clean, without the use of third-party plugins, custom code, or a CDN).

    Trim the fat, remove the dead branches, kill the weeds, and add some adrenaline to your great product.

    Thank you!

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    I agree, people have been asking for better speed and mobile performance for years. It feels as if they are no longer really in touch with the needs of the users, as if the passion is gone.

    B W
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    Michael, I couldn’t agree with you more!

    Worst of all, in the post I provided above, it would NOT be hard to incorporate a logic bridge in the code to check the DB settings for active elements, and then exclude the JS and the CSS files from those inactive elements. That alone would make a HUGE difference!

    I bought the Avada theme because it was supposed to save me time in setting up a world class web site. However, trying to optimize performance SO PEOPLE ACTUALLY VISIT THE SITE TO BEGIN WITH has taken months of futile effort. I have done EVERYTHING I can do short of re-coding the theme which defeats the purpose.

    AFTER YOUR PRETTY SITE IS SET UP NO ONE WILL VISIT IT BECAUSE OF THE TRASH CAN, GARBAGE PERFORMANCE! Then, if you are like me, you spend MONTHS and HUNDREDS of hours optimizing object loading (async, preload, preconnect, etc.), adjusting htaccess rules, caching, minifying, etc., etc., etc. ALL FOR NOTHING! Yeah, I get a few extra points, BUT MY SEARCH RANKINGS SUCK AND THE PAGE SPEED CAUSES USERS TO ABANDON THE SITE!


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    1) There is a LOT of non-compliant junk in the CSS that if you check the w3c CSS vlidator, you will find mountains of errors, and a LOT of old, deprecated GARBAGE (obviously performance is NOT a consideration for Avada) – check out your own site: https://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator

    Following your suggestion I did and… oh boy…

    1879 errors and 2293 warnings..

    Is it even worth it to try to fix them? 😎

    My server provider was telling me a couple of months ago that the strain that all these sites using WP are putting on their system is getting out of hand. Perhaps is time for (less is more)

    B W
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    I really wish MORE folks would do as you have. They would see just how BAD the CSS bloat has become. Right after that is the JS. My personal guess is that about 20-30% of the CSS is no longer used AT ALL and has been abandoned but never cleaned up. Then, because they have SO MUCH GARBAGE, they are probably DUPLICATING a lot of trash too!

    Folks, check out your own site to see JUST HOW BAD the Avada CSS really is! Then ignore the support folks excuses.


    And please don’t get me started on the JS either!

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    Yeah, I’ve been working on performance and have discovered everything you guys have.

    Right now, my UNUSED CSS and JS is 89.5%!!!!!

    I have done EVERYTHING one is supposed to do to get high speeds, but no matter what there is no way to “minify” the boatloads of code that is being served, which are RENDER-BLOCKING RESOURCES. So Avada team can say that the extra code isn’t hurting anything like they did early on in the post, but the powers that be that decide if your fast enough disagree. And sadly, the ones that disagree are the ones that make the rules.

    AVADA TEAM – I WAS going to renew my support for the theme. Now it looks like I have to spend a weekend rebuilding my site with a theme that actually works with what the internet calls for. WILL YOU BE DOING ANYTHING TO FIX THE HORRENDOUS AMOUNTS OF CODE IN YOUR SYSTEM???

    My page load time is 7 seconds. SEVEN SECONDS! My server is quick as heck, EVERYTHING is optimized, but the “thread work” on the page visitor’s device is insane – the Avada theme blows up the client device with piles of code to render, and 90% of that code isn’t even used….

    THIS IS A LEGIT ISSUE. If I/we don’t hear anything back from the AVADA TEAM, then I personally am going to switch my theme, and write a blog post about WHY I switched my theme, and how to do it…. The CSS validator errors are just unacceptable along with the 90% of CSS/JS that DOESN’T GET USED!!!

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    I also have a lot of problems with the theme. The only answer that i get from the avada team is to compile css an js. But it can not be a solution? First i making 160 http request after compiling 95 requests.
    I’ve also 1675 css validator errors. Thats horrible. I use this theme also for customers – but perhaps if nothing is changing not longer…

    So maybe we should discuss about an alternative theme?

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    Hey everyone!

    It is great to see customers being active parts of the community and we are sorry if anyone faces inconveniences.
    However, when providing feedback, we always ask users to stay calm and friendly, even if something might go wrong at times. Please also do not present personal opinion as a fact. And please only present facts, not assertions. That will make things easier for all of us.

    Just a few remarks regarding this thread:

    – This is a forum for users to help users. This forum is neither actively moderated by ThemeFusion nor is it an official means of support. This is stated in the terms of the forum, so shouldn’t be a surprise.
    And while we understand that frustration can happen from time to time it is not a place for ranting for the sake of it or even swearing.

    – ThemeFusion obviously does care a lot for their users and their needs. The mere fact of the number of updates that are rolled out is proof of that.

    – If someone assumes that there is no need to add more features and that this would not be what our users want, well then that is just personal opinion. Here is just a few examples of others users thinking differently: https://i.imgur.com/psgGryO.png, https://i.imgur.com/EmrXIcP.png.

    – It is simply untrue and absurd to say, we would be aware of issue and not care about them. Dozens of updates and big changelogs prove the contrary. We are not sure why someone would think false claims would be necessary to back his arguments.

    – The changes in CSS loading for elements in Avada 7 are just as Michael C has stated above. Obviously, there is shared styles and these will be loaded for other areas. Apart from that, this is an area of constant refactoring.

    – Regarding CSS validation errors: These are usually automated reports. A lot of it are false positives and just judging by a number isn’t the best idea. E.g. you will find parse errors for anything related to var( –a-variable-name). Well these are just CSS variables and all of that is correct CSS, yet the automatic validators complain. Now one can complain about that or try to understand if the report is correct. None of these slows down your website. Asserting this would be proof that we don’t care about performance is unsubstantial and just wrong.
    Nevertheless, there will be issues from time to time as that is the nature of software. Obviously, we want to correct them as much as possible.

    – Render-blocking assets do depend a lot on the actual site. Sites using sliders as a hero area e.g. have more overhead than others, as JS assets need to be loaded for them to work. Similar is true for fonts or the compiled CSS. You have options to load the CSS in the footer and to swap out default fonts once the custom ones are loaded. That will reduce render-blocking but comes with the trade-off of FOUC. A lot of users don’t like that, so we added options for everyone to choose for themselves.

    – It is incorrect the JS files could not be dequeued by users. You are free to do so. And it is incorrect that these changes would revert with the next update. If one is doing it correctly nothing will be overwritten. Such changes should always be made in a child theme.

    – The updating of the jQuery library has nothing to do with Avada. jQuery is loaded by WordPress natively.

    – Regarding unused resources: this is an area we are already targeting to improve. There will be incremental improvements to this along the way but this needs to be part of a larger performance focused release and will include wideranging changes to the way content is delivered – not just the CSS. Also as stated above, there is a lot more to performance than the this. If you do check this in other vendors you will find very similar results.

    – We do not deny that there are always areas to improve and we are actively working on them. Some things can take a little longer, some take a little more time, but everyone at ThemeFusion works hard to improve the user experience even further. Site performance is an important topic and we’ll keep working on it.


    B W
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    Maximus, while I appreciate your response to the post, your response illustrates the problem.

    You noted: “If someone assumes that there is no need to add more features and that this would not be what our users want…” then you point to justification for more code and feature bloat. While I understand adding new bells and whistles, what is NOT being addressed are the regular, constant calls for a focus on performance fixes. THOSE user requests appear to be ignored because they are often discovered AFTER the theme is purchased and after you have your money.

    I could go on, but here is the issue. Avada provides a really good theme from a design capability standpoint. BUT, the most beautiful and capable design in the world means absolutely NOTHING if no one ever sees it. Performance IS the issue that drives traffic. The attractiveness may keep them there after they arrive.

    The Avada theme is like a light bulb, someone covered up with a blanket in the middle of the night so they can’t see in the dark. And the blanket eventually gets hot enough that it catches and fire and might burn down the house. That is where Avada is. The feature bloat, which contributes to CSS and JS bloat, which DESTROYS performance, is where Avada is now.

    The frustration you see in these posts from the users of the theme are directly related to the fact that we have done almost EVERYTHING that can be done to tweak performance and we have hit the garbage pit bloat that can not be changed.

    I would even consider re-coding CSS and JS but my changes would be overwritten with the next update. This is a DESIGN DECISION by Avada to focus on feature bloat rather than fixing the performance issues.

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