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    I’ve been using a Global Element for my sidebar menu. It has the appropriate design styling to it, and was working great. To get it within all pages as a sidebar, I inserted the global shortcode into a Block (and tried HTML block) element within the Blog Sidebar widget.

    After the 7.9 update I’m getting some super weird styling on the sidebar element. It’s like it’s stripped my menu item padding and text color. I’ve checked the Global Element and it’s CSS is still fine on it’s own.

    Do I just need to create some custom CSS for the sidebar widget that overrides it and gets it back to what I need?
    Or is there a way to turn off Widget CSS and only apply the global element?

    Global Element on it’s own (working):

    Blog Sidebar Widget with Global Element shortcode in Block (broken):

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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