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    Avada Theme v7.6.1 — font-family:awb-icons; are not working with domain mapping on sub domains, only the parent domain. Despite code entered in .htaccess file for CORS policy No “Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header, awb-icons are still being blocked.

    As a work around would like to replace the awb-icon font family with Font Awesome. Question is how to do that?
    I tried changing
    .fusion-caret .fusion-dropdown-indicator:before {content: “\f107″;font-family: awb-icons;font-style: normal;}
    .fusion-caret.fusion-dropdown-indicator:before {font-family:”Font Awesome 6 Pro”;content:”\f107″;}
    but did not work.

    Checking Font Awesome the content unicode f107 is correct for fa-light fa-angle-down icon

    Font Awesome WP Plugin is installed and connected to Font Awesome Pro Kit. All of the domains are listed in the Font Awesome Kit.

    Any suggestions? Thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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