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    I was just tuning performance for a website build using Avada; running through Avada performance tuning, critical CSS, stopping Lazy load of top images and all that other good stuff that Avada provides. But I couldn’t get performance on mobile above 66.

    The STASI at Google Speed Test tool are focused on the time at which all elements load onto the visible page. Well, the “Cookie Bar” gets deferred by optimisation and it seems that it therefore has a massive impact on PERCEIVED speed by this tool. Which tries to mirror speed measured by Google as a ranking factor – so it is important.

    Turning off the cookie bar meant that the mobile speed leapt from 66 to 83 – a stunning jump for one setting change.

    Over here in the EU (and whatever we are in the UK) privacy bars are a part of everyday life (not that they make the blindest difference to people’s privacy, the privacy terms might be “I agree to share all my internet history with this company for eternity”, but that is all hidden in t&cs and we just click OK to make the privacy bar GO AWAY – therefore privacy bars make people’s privacy WORSE)

    Does anybody have any ideas how we could force Privacy bar load immediately – no deferral, just load it straight away: then we can have the whinging, useless privacy bar but satisfy the needs of the Google speed police? 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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