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    Hi Theme Fusion Community,

    First off I’d like to say Avada is great we love it.

    We recently migrated to Big Commerce(BC) E-commerce solution but we use WordPress+Avada.

    BC has a great WP plugin we use, the problem we are running into is mobile customization
    with Avada.

    I have been reading through the Avada Mobile settings Support Pages and so far Cannot find
    a suitable solution to desktop version vs mobile version of our site.

    The main reason is Avada seems to only allow one sticky menu globally. It doesnt appear to be possible
    to have one sticky menu/header for desktop and one for mobile, if this was possible it would be an easy
    fix to the problem.

    So our site https://powerorganics.com

    The Desktop version is functioning really nicely for overall shopping flow because we use Ajax buttons
    that do not reload the page when adding products to the cart. So this allows to add as many products to
    the cart first and then click the cart button on the upper right hand menu and or sticky menu to go to the
    cart and review cart then click checkout.

    The problem arises with mobile version of our site. I have created a mobile menu for our site so that has
    helped but the problem is i have to turn off sticky header/menu because it is the same as the desktop version
    and is extremely confusing to the user when the mobile menu is formatted in a different order to be easier to shop on mobile but when you scroll down the sticky/header for desktop version is used and its a completely different order of links and cart is at the bottom which is not going to work. Right now it is currently disabled on mobile so there is no sticky menu/header on mobile. This requires the users to add products to the cart and then click back to top then click the menu then click cart to view cart and check out.

    This is not ideal at all. We would like to emulate how shopify works if possible in Avada theme, by this i mean how the top of the mobile version of site top left is the 3 lines that expand the mobile menu and top right is a static cart icon this menu is sticky and follows the user on every page on mobile.

    If any questions or further elaboration is needed please post a reply and I will reply back with needed infos.

    We wish to find a viable way of using Avada that will cover us both Desktop and Mobile versions of the site
    and have the most enjoyable shopping flow / experience possible.

    Ideally if its possible to make and assign another sticky/header to mobile version of site that would certainly solve this.
    But what would be even better than that is as mentioned above mimic how shopify works on mobile. IE: One global mobile sticky/header that contains the mobile menu on the upper left and the static cart icon in the upper right.

    Hoping to collaborate with you all to find the best way to get R dun.

    Power Organics Dev Team

    Post count: 2


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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