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    I have come across an issue where submission from Avada contact form is failing due to ReCaptcha human verification issues.

    Error: {“status”:”error”,”captcha”:”failed”,”info”:”captcha”,”message”:”Sorry, ReCaptcha could not verify that you are a human. Please try again.”}

    I use AJAX submission type and Send to URL option to make a POST request to my API. I’m not sure what changes you have made to the theme but the admin-ajax.php script is sending 18-25 requests when making a submission on the contact form. I can confirm this behaviour after looking at my server access logs.

    Making so many requests for a simple POST request is causing Captcha to look at these requests as bots. What has changed in your updates that is causing this problem ? I’m using the latest version of Avada.

    Can I please get some help here ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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