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    Hi there again,

    i am i bit confused. I made a 3 forms on a single page. Due to the process of creating, there where several fault, when i tested the form. But i couldn´t find out what, because the is no expliced error message. Just the generic message, an eroor occured.

    Is there a debug mode.

    I found out that 3 form on one page are only possible, when there are different Mail-recipients in the form submission option. If there is always the same Mail, it won´t work. Now I know and it is ok, but i would appreciate a debug mode or an detailed error message, (NOT the message from an required field!) that say what kind of error occured, that the form couldn´t be send.

    Example: 1 form that worked, i copied 2 times and changed title, the forms didn´t work….

    Sorry for my bad english….


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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