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    Good Day!

    We’re using Avada 7.4 with “Custom Scrollbar” activated. It works great with our main pages except, when we open a modal, several odd things happen.


    (a) Custom Scrollbar activated (base page looks great): https://prnt.sc/1571yyh

    (b) Custom Scrollbar activated (base page styling breaks when modal activated): https://prnt.sc/15727h2

    (c) Custom Scrollbar activated (base page shifts leftwards when modal activated, Click on “Press Me Senpai!” and watch the base page shift): https://ammartestsite.com/modal-scroll-bar-test-page/

    (d) Custom Scrollbar activated (modal’s scrollbar does not obey the custom scrollbar selection, only standard scrollbar is displayed, click on “Press Me Senpai!”): https://ammartestsite.com/modal-scroll-bar-test-page/

    Anybody else having the same issue? Got fix? We used a couple of CSS codes to minimize the page shift, but not enough to render a clean-looking, consistent page when the modal is opened.

    Note: We have contacted ThemeFusion Support and they’re looking into this. Until they come up with a fix, wondering if anyone here found one.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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