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  • Jetxpert-Envato
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    We love Avada, but you keep adding enhancements (i.e., features) to your theme that are further slowing down our websites.

    Avada 7.1 does not incorporate any performance enhancements. Well, one but not enough. Your new feature(s) are slowing down our website by .4-.9 seconds per page.

    Can the Theme-Fusion team focus more on performance over adding features? Adding features at the expense of performance or speed does not make sense at all. If you want to sell Avada, sell speed not bloatware.

    Please deliver what you promised: An incremental number of changes that will noticeably increase website speed.

    Thank you!

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    Hi @jetxpert-envato

    Features are not added in for the sake of just adding features. Each update, since 6.0, has been released with specific changes/additions/improvements and in a particular order. It is calculated that way, and with 7.1 now out, incoming updates will address WooCommerce and performance related changes.

    Saying that, disable the features you do not want to use and use the tools provided to help enhance your performance. Something else to note is, besides the theme, WordPress itself, and hosting, installing lots of plugins and creating heavy page content, etc. adds to the issue.

    Lastly, incremental optimization changes are continually being added in for each update, this too, is calculated.

    Thank you, MB

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    Thank you. Again, great theme and definitely appreciate the enhancements. However, would be awesome if you guys can focus on fixing, for example, the “Unused CSS” and “Unused JS” issues your theme is causing (as detected by Pagespeed Insights, etc.)

    Also, would be great to update Avada’s Options section (Performance) to incorporate additional tips or tools to make it faster.

    Last, can you tell us what does Theme-Fusion use to make its website faster? Specifically, plugins, custom codes, CDN, caching plugins, etc.

    By the way, did you know? Pagespeed Insight test results for https://www.theme-fusion.com are terrible!

    Mobile: 9/100
    Desktop: 20/100

    Here’s the direct link for running a performance test of your website. Not too good.

    Please help make Avada faster, not fatter. Thank you!

    Michael C
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    Hi @jetxpert-envato,

    This topic has already been brought up and properly responded to. We are already aware of areas to improve and already have development plans and release schedules in mind. All this was already explained in the previous items here so there is no point in creating a thread to bring up exactly the same thing.

    I am closing this topic because it is just a repeat of what has already been stated and is not specific to 7.1 in any way. If you feel the forms are “bloat” then you can disable theme entirely from the global options.

    Regarding feedback and roadmap of updates, we are looking at adding more information to the user base there. So expect something within the new few weeks regarding that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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