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    In the back-end, our Gravity Forms (preview mode) work great. In the front-end, however, they behave erratically.

    Specifically, when we upload a file to our forms in the back-end, the “Red X” icon next to the uploaded file displays properly. Also, when we upload a file with a file type not recognized by Gravity Forms, we get the proper error message. In the front-end, however we don’t get the “Red X” (broken) and the displayed error message is incorrect.

    Click below for details:

    Back-End (Works Great): http://prntscr.com/v19cm0
    Front-End (Errors): http://prntscr.com/v19e5p

    You can replicate the issue by visiting the following link and trying to upload a dummy file (no need to complete the form, just upload a dummy file)


    We tried every possible troubleshooting technique we could think of, but couldn’t find the root cause. All we can think of is that there’s an incompatibility between Avada 7.1 (after the introduction of forms) and Gravity Forms.

    Our Website System Information:

    Avada 7.1.1
    WordPress 5.5.1
    PHP 7.3.23
    cURL 7.59.0
    MySQL 5.6.40
    Gravity Forms 2.4.21

    Any help on how to fix this would be appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    Issue fixed. As it turns out, we were using Avada’s Code element (and a short code) for our Gravity Forms. Apparently, Avada does not like this so we used Avada’s Gravity Form element instead.

    Note to Theme-Fusion:

    Please fix your Code element and related assets to ensure we can use the Code element together with Gravity Forms’ short codes.

    Thank you!

    Post count: 339


    Kudos to Team Friendly for identifying the root cause of our issue and fix.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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