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    Hi there,

    have a question regarding a forms plugin. The default Avada forms are great, however probably do not allow a specific thing I need to do, so I figured I would ask around in case anyone knows about something.

    To explain what I need – my wife has a wedding agency, and I do the technical stuff, web page and so on. As a part of the business, we also do wedding expos, so people can come and see local suppliers – catering, locations, photographers, etc. Previously we have used avid forms for supplier registrations, which did work quite smooth to an extent, but would like to switch to a different solution to a) solve an issue where the suppliers upload photos and videos for their presentation, which clogs up our mailbox, maybe it could be stored locally on our hosting, or (preferably) on our gDrive or something. And b) we would like to integrate the registration process a bit more to the point where the supplier makes their choice (stand size, the supplied table size, how many chairs they want, if they want some extra services, etc.), and the registration form acts kind of like an eshop, and gives them the opportunity to pay by card, delivers an invoice and so on.

    We are prepared to pay for this module, obviously, it does not need to be free.

    Thanks a lot in advance for any advice.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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