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    Im attempting to figure out how to essentially create a gallery of galleries. I know how to use the Avada gallery builder to import photos into a gallery (say on a post for a story, or a random page), but I am a sports web site and have thousands of photos from various sporting events and I want to create a gallery of each event which is then thumbnailed and listed on a searchable/sortable main gallery landing page which contains all the assorted event galleries. I need a repository.

    The Avada Portfolio tool can sort of do this a little bit, but you are limited to 4 photos in the portfolio and its not really for showcasing photos and events but projects and sales. Nevertheless its essentially set up in the manner I want my galleries set up:

    You’d go to the “Galleries” page of my web site and at the top is the search/sort toolbar with my categories like football, mens basketball, womens soccer, etc. Below that is perhaps a grid box listing of all of those particular galleries such as “Mens Basketball vs Duke on 11-19-2017” and “Womens Soccer vs Texas on 09-05-2015”. Infinite scroll or pagination would work. I probably have hundreds of “gallery sets” like this I need to import and display in one tidy area.

    Im sure there’s a way to do it I just havent figured it out. Id rather not use a 3rd party gallery plugin unless absolutely necessary.

    In a perfect world every time I create a new gallery anywhere in WordPress/Avada, a new gallery gets created/indexed in that gallery page area. So even when I write a new post about a basketball game and create a new gallery on the post for game photos, it also indexes/thumbnails that gallery on the main web site gallery page so I dont have to manually create it there too.

    The reason for all of this is when I post photos in post for game articles and other stories, those photos tend to get “lost on the web site” over time. A lot of people want to go straight to the media goodies and just browse photos of their favorite subject matter and players or games, etc.


    Post count: 3

    Nobody with any suggestions?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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