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    I working a long time with different Avada themes on different clients and it works very well.
    But now I have a tricky Error that makes a Project for a Client to a nightmare!

    I work always with Global Containers in different Languages but now I have on simple global Container that deletes itself again and again. After Self-Deleting the Global Container inherited the Background design on a normal Container on the Bottom. I use the same Plugins, the same Avada Theme everything is the same but this global Container makes me crazy.

    I contacted the Support 3 days ago, give him all the details, but now we have a complete nightmare, every page with a global Container is broken. All Pages with the Global Containers show only in Blank Code and a Message says “Content Error”.
    Working with on the Admin WordPress Dashboard with the Builder is no longer possible.

    I need help asap!
    I bought an extra 12month support but is this not enough I can offer you guys some extra payment to fix this Error.
    Please let me know.


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    Hi @robert

    Allow me to explain a few things. You opened your ticket on Friday, going into the weekend and our team member Nitin has been replying to your ticket during the weekend. I personally assigned the ticket to him, to address and assist.

    In addition to that, Nitin is one of our developers, not a support team member and that means the level of technical expertise provided in your support ticket is perfectly sufficient.

    On Oct 6th, after Nitin cleared your caches and that did resolve the issue at first, you confirmed that. However, you are saying now that the WPML plugin and Avada is slow and the issue has returned. This is Nitin’s last reply, 6hrs back -> https://d.pr/i/fbIdH5 – and as you will see Nitin is actually asking you several questions so that we can further narrow down what is going and assist you. We cannot guess what the cause of your issue is and furthermore it is not in any way being reported within our support by other WPML and Avada users.

    Since our team members last reply earlier today, you are now making all kinds of wild accusations and frankly, using an abusive tone in your replies that will not be allowed. We are simply trying to help you and part of that process is to investigate and diagnose. To reiterate, we cannot and will not guess as to what your server environment and install constitutes and why the issue may be occurring.

    Allow our team to reply and investigate and please be patient. If you have any further questions please contain them inside of the support ticket, our team does not provide support via the community forum.

    Thank you kindly

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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