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  • alanshort
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    I’m still struggling with this. Tried a number of times and it doesn’t load the full content.

    I’ve also tried uploading the prebuilt content from the avada_freelancer_demo.wpress file using All-in-One WP Migration, described here : https://theme-fusion.com/documentation/avada/prebuilt-websites/alternate-import-method/#faq

    However this results in the site admin no longer being able to access the wp-admin area and getting the “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” error.

    I’ve been trouble shooting all the solutions to this and none work.

    Not sure if it is applicable however when importing the avada_freelancer_demo.wpress it highlights that the backup was from php5 and I’m running on php7.4…. could this cause an issue?


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    After import ALL”Avada Lifestyle” demo website, the layout is different from demo website. https://avada.theme-fusion.com/lifestyle/

    My website layout after import “ALL”. https://ibb.co/n6rs03D
    Does anyone know what is the issues?
    I cleared cache in the “performance” and saved it.
    But it was not fixed.

    Ammar. S
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    Hello @alihasan

    Have you tried using our alternate method to import the demo as mentioned here => https://theme-fusion.com/documentation/avada/prebuilt-websites/alternate-import-method/

    Also please make sure that you have all the required plugin(s) by each demo enabled.



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    Hi all,

    I’ve imported the Avada Mechanic demo page (https://avada.theme-fusion.com/mechanic/) to a fresh WordPress installation. Now I want to change the image on the startpage. In the backend I edited the image element and uploaded the new image. I also saved the page. After deleting the browser cache and reloading the page, the old image is still there. Even if I delete the image element in the backend the image is still there. What kind of sorcery is that? 🙂

    Any ideas on that?

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    Hi there!

    I’m using WooCommerce with Avada, here is the demo store of the theme I’m using: https://avada.theme-fusion.com/bakery/shop/#start-shopping.

    What I’m trying to achieve is, that the “Quick View” option on product hovering is always displayed, even if a product is added to cart. I’ve added following CSS

       .cart-loading {
          display: none !important;

    ..which works just fine and hides “View Cart” on product hover. Now I’d like to display the Quick View Button when hovering (as if the product has not been added to cart) and tried to add:

    .fusion-quick-view {
      display: inline !important;

    however this doesn’t work.

    Tried this and also failed:

    .cart-loading:after {
     display:.fusion-quick-view !important

    Any suggestions as to how I can remove the “condition” that Quick View is not displayed when product has been added to cart?

    I appreciate any pointers, thanks!

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    @ammar Thanks. The manual import gave me a warning. The import is based on PHP5 while I am on PHP7, so I decided against.

    I tried a little debugging, though, and php throws this error:
    [06-Apr-2022 18:37:04 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘WP_Importer_Logger_HTML’ not found in /home/u123456789/domains/mydomain.com/public_html/wp-content/themes/Avada/includes/importer/class-avada-demo-import.php:790

    I did check the code, and Avada indeed tries to create a new instance of this class, allright.

    I take it the Avada code is ok. Is my install broken, perhaps?

    I know my support has expired, but would really appreciate a hint as to which direction to go from here.
    (I originally had version 5.6.2, and had to incrementally upgrade to get to the latest version. IMHO, lots of possibilities for a hickup.)

    Ammar. S
    Post count: 2247

    Hello @anno

    I am afraid this is something for which we can not provide a solid response without checking your setup, in any case the alternate demo import method should always work for you and if that is not working it is something that you need to discuss with your hosting provider.



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    #877502 In reply to: A non-numeric value? |

    I have the same problem, after importing a demo-page via avada studio. It is from the same demo i used all the time – so no changes happended to theme options i think. But now, I´m getting this error after saving or preview: A non-numeric value encountered in……. Avada/includes/lib/inc/class-fusion-color.php
    on line 1730, 625, 624…

    I tried to reset theme options and imported – no change
    I tried the responsive options – no change

    Someone has found a fix for this?

    Thanks & best regards,

    PS: wp_debug is not enabled/ set 2 false.

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    Hi! First contribution here, hoping it can save some of you the precious time I’ve lost on this one.

    After importing the “Avada Business Coach” demo on a fresh and clean install of WordPress, I had JS errors in the Avada Live Builder on every page: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘full’).

    Problem: the live builder JavaScripts couldn’t read the width/height attributes of the SVG images from the imported demo, and generated errors in the console. Sometimes a popup window appeared containing the error message.
    Since my own uploaded SVG images worked perfectly, I finally figured that the problem was the way the demo images were stored in the database: their mime type appeared as “font/svg” instead of “image/svg+xml“.

    Solution: I manually changed their mimetype in the database. Not the cleanest solution, but working perfectly.

    Procedure: open the wp_posts table in an SQL editor (like phpMyAdmin), filter on the “post_mime_type” column and change “font/svg” to “image/svg+xml” on the problematic images.

    That’s it. No more errors.

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    Found this effect after importing the classic shop demo – its the ‘Title’ element. Under the General tab you’ll see Title options – Text / Rotating / highlight (select Rotating)
    Rotating effect is clip
    The rest should be straight forward

    In the Interior Design Demo – Classic home page is the same effect – I imagine the effect is added using the ‘Title’ shortcode in a text block rather than an element in page builder. then just match up the font size/style.

    Hope this helps

    Ammar. S
    Post count: 2247

    Hello @jayceepho

    You should actually be able to import from the prebuilt site, however for that you need to have another set of options imported, please create a complete backup of your website and then try to import Global Options of any other prebuilt site, then again reset them and see if it shows the option to import from the Restaurant Demo.



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    Accidentally reset all the global options on the Restaurant demo. Looking to get the json of the demo to re-import, but I can’t find any sources. And trying to import from url doesn’t work, and I can’t import from a “database” as importing from “prebuilt site” doesn’t show up as an option.

    Post count: 20
    #874575 In reply to: Avada Demo Homepages |

    If you want to import into your website, create a page and select the library button in the top right or “prebuilt websites” in the middle of your screen. You can’t import elements from the demo pages

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    I am watching Avada youtube. Reference is made to theme-fusion.com/avada/demos

    In the Youtube video,the Avada Classic is use to copy and import various homepage elements.

    Is theme-fusion.com/avada/demos still available? When I got to theme-fusion.com/avada/demos
    I don’t find the same information as in the YouTube demos.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Post count: 2

    Thanks for the prompt reply, I just sent a mail with some screenshots, Please help me to resolve this, My website is down because of this, also I am not able to import the demo website. Please help

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