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  • prishmedia
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    Thanks for the prompt reply, I just sent a mail with some screenshots, Please help me to resolve this, My website is down because of this, also I am not able to import the demo website. Please help

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    I like everything about the Restaurant theme. Except for the Single product layout.

    But when I remove this custom layout the default will commerce layout need some work.

    I am I able to import a single product layout from another demo? That will solve my issue.

    EDIT: I never had seen the functionality before but I did find the link again:

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    #868212 In reply to: DEMO IMPORT ERROR |

    The Mozilla fix worked for me. I was having trouble with the import for both the original and alternate routes until I tried downloading the file using Mozilla Firefox. Your team should really sort that out since I was not able to get any demos and was about to ask for a complete refund.

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    #868029 In reply to: DEMO IMPORT ERROR |

    I am also unable to download any of the demos in any internet browser. Is there a new link rather than https://theme-fusion.com/documentation/avada/prebuilt-websites/alternate-import-method/ that I can use?

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    I have followed the installation process of Avada as per the documentation on my localhost. Updated all the PHP resources, with more than the recommended limits(>512MB). Still while importing some demos it throws an error:
    Demo import failed. Please check for PHP limits in red on the System Status page. Change those to the recommended value and try again.”

    This alternate import is not a fail-safe method as it would reset the existing theme. All in one migration plugin is a horrible backup plugin(from my experience) for including as a backup option on WordPress or for anything.

    Finally was able to understand that even the demo import is not straightforward as advertised.
    In the end, had to follow the following steps:
    1. Partial import for Avada classic without products and images
    2. Import product and images for the same theme(At this point even after importing all the files, it shows “partial import”)
    3. Reset Avada theme global options, set menu, and set homepage in WordPress settings. Gets the website UI to look like the demo, but still, CSS styling seems to be broken with horizontal lines on all the text.
    4. Tried Alternate import, which worked, and now hope to keep backup at every point (Live life on the edge) because the Avada importer is a high-risk element.

    Even on localhost with only premium plugins installed(Exception: layer slider/slider revolution is a free version plug-in offered), it throws PHP memory limit error, which is not possible.
    I understand that this Demo import feature is a plus, but many factors/settings change when changing the elements of the website instantaneously. There must be certain updates that can be implemented, as this is a recurring issue since October 15, 2018.

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    Hi everyone

    I’ve already installed my preferred demo theme to my website, however there is one page on a different demo that I would like to use – is it possible to import just one page from another demo?


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    I’m trying to import the ‘Adventure’ demo theme, but the main slider just doesn’t work. I’ve tried it on two fresh install sites now and neither import/display the slider.

    I opened a ticket with support nearly two weeks ago, had a reply saying they’d fix it and it’s still broken. Seriously disappointed with the lack of support as a new customer.

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    Hello, I would like to know how to import new demos for my Avada demo list.
    I am looking to import “AvadaConsultant” demo which currently missing from the demo list.
    Thanks a lot

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    this is an old thread but I think there are now better ways to solve this and maybe it will help someone.
    For the footer you have to use the avada layout builder of course.
    For a mega menu widget for example you don’t have such a possibility. I think the easier way to have a button in a mega menu is to add a text element on a page and use the fusion builder element generator (https://theme-fusion.com/documentation/avada/avada-builder/avada-builder-element-generator/) to create the button you want.
    This way you will have a shortcode that you can use as a widget text (and then you can choose the widget as a mega menu item). I think it’s the way they used in the avada university demo (https://avada.theme-fusion.com/university/ Men item “events”) but I didn’t import it so I am not sure.

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    Hi, on importing the demo for business coach, the top menu and footer menus are displaying as shortcodes “[fusion_menu menu=”business-coach-main-menu” ……..”

    I tried it with demo for avada accountant and again the shortcodes are not rendering. What am I doing wrong?

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    Hi everyone,

    I imported the prebuild website “Avada Architecture” into a fresh installed Worpress.
    But it does not look like the demo website (https://avada.theme-fusion.com/architecture/).
    As I understand the imported pages should look exactly like the demo pages.

    On every page are the elements (for example the slider) which should only be on the home page, the footer and the navigation are completely missing.

    I deleted the imported website an tried to import it again, but got the same issues.

    Does anyone has a hint where the problem could be oder had the same issues an managed to solve them?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Best Regards

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    I’m a bit late to this thread but for anyone else…

    Its done with Revolution Slider

    I also wanted this style of carousel for a site and could’t find any help online.

    After a few experiments this worked for me

    1. The sliders are on the home page of the Avada Salon demo site. [avada.theme-fusion.com/salon/]
    However I found out I can’t just import the one page into my site as the sliders were not imported.
    Instead I had to import the whole saloon site (including sliders) into a temporary WordPress site.

    2. Once the Salon site has been replicated – go to the Rev Slider plugin and export the required salon slider. You’ll have a zip folder called [small-featured-posts.zip]

    3. Then import [small-featured-posts.zip] into the Rev slider on any new site you want to embed it.

    Or if you trust me

    Here’s the zipped folder of the carousel slides featured on the home page of the Salon Theme.
    Just import this zip folder straight into revolution slider.

    For the record I think this style of carousel with image and text should be integrated within Avada.

    I hope this helps

    Ammar. S
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    #864445 In reply to: DEMO IMPORT ERROR |

    Hello @Brenonunes

    If you are seeing any issues importing the demo and even downloading it, please try using some other browser and try to download it, the download should begin just fine, I will try using the FireFox browser if you are using Chrome please.



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    #864388 In reply to: DEMO IMPORT ERROR |


    It simply doesn´t work… there are no files to download when I click on any Demo at https://theme-fusion.com/documentation/avada/prebuilt-websites/alternate-import-method/

    It just redirects me to a page instead of downloading the archives to my computer… Even when I click on them with the right button doesn´t provide me with any option to download anything. Can anyone help with it?

    P>S: Avada Support is really unaffordable to anyone living in a third world country really. They should practice PRICING STRATEGY but it seems they don´t give a damn about it, unfortunately…

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    I have this two fatal errors since installing php8. So I can no longer access and modify my sliders and I can no longer access the pre-built sites page.

    The first Fatal error :
    ( ! ) Fatal error: Uncaught ValueError: Missing format specifier at end of string in /Users/Rouquette/Local Sites/patrickrouquettepsychologue/app/public/wp-content/plugins/fusion-core/fusion-slider/class-fusion-slider.php on line 410

    Here is what it looks like on the line 410 :
    ‘ . esc_html__( ‘Slides Page’, ‘fusion-core’ ) . ‘

    The second Fatal error :
    ( ! ) Fatal error: Uncaught ValueError: Unknown format specifier “p” in /Users/Rouquette/Local Sites/patrickrouquettepsychologue/app/public/wp-content/themes/Avada/includes/admin-screens/prebuilt-websites.php on line 77

    Here is what it looks like on the line 77 :
    ‘ . esc_attr__( ‘View more info here’, ‘Avada’ ) . ‘

    Thank you in advance.

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