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I found a working solution here https://greenixdesign.com/change-project-description-project-details-and-skills-text-labels-in-avada/
Just the quotation marks need to be ‘ everywhere like this:
add_filter(‘gettext’, ‘translate_text’);
add_filter(‘ngettext’, ‘translate_text’);
function translate_text($translated) {
$translated = str_ireplace( ‘Project Details’, ‘Specialties’, $translated );
$translated = str_ireplace( ‘Project Description’, ‘Product Description’, $translated );
$translated = str_ireplace( ‘Skills Needed:’, ”, $translated );
$translated = str_ireplace( ‘Categories:’, ‘Location’, $translated );
$translated = str_ireplace( ‘Tags:’, ‘Products’, $translated );
return $translated;

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