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I had this problem as well after updating to Avada v7.9.2. Since the admins don’t seem inclined to even recognize this is an issue, we’re left to figure it out on our own!

Here’s how I fixed it, in case it might help someone else:

  1. Go to the page editor in the WP dashboard for the page(s) that should have a sidebar
  2. Scroll down to the “Avada Page Options” element (if you don’t see it, it might be hidden – check by clicking “Screen Options” at the top right of the page)
  3. In the Avada Page Options Element, click on “Sidebars” on the left and select the correct sidebar(s)
  4. Update the page

I also had to turn on “Force Global Sidebars for WooCommerce Products” in order to show the sidebar on WooCommerce product pages (Avada > Options > Sidebars > WooCommerce Products).

I hope this helps someone!

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