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Hi the issue still persists. I have made a video to demonstrate. I wonder why not take away this functionallity to disable the button, it is not consistent with how WordPress works and thanks to this still being a bug I am now not able to save my work and finish a customer’s website. Clearing cache does not help.

Video for Save not working is here:


Can you please publish a new version and always enable this button, it’s obviously a headache for some of us not being able to save when we want to save. As I user I should be able to save my edits whenever I want to save.

plugins installed:

I should mention for the most of time the application even when I installed it had slighly buggy behaviour when saving, sometimes blocking me from saving until I’ve managed to touch something on the page I’m editing that it considered change and it then turned the Save button on, but now I can’t save at all no matter what I change.

Can you please fix this?