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Hi, I have the same problem. I tryed with Loco translate, but create in Loco the fusion-builder-es_ES.po but doesn´t work. Could you say me how you did it?
I tryed with other plugins, try to find the string with the plugin string locator, but I can´t translate to Spanish, always show me in english.
I don´t know where to translate. I know that is the Woo Sorting, but is strange that in the page: https://tucasahome.com/shop-classic-sidebar that is selected in the Woocommerce Setting to be the Shop page, the fields are in Spanish. But when I go to any product, to the breadcrumb, and clicking in a link of the category, then go to the Category page and show the Fields of “Sort by …” in English, in the web always show in english 🙁
Please can any show me how to do?
Thank you so much
Best regards

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