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Thanks @Michael,
unfortunately, the 7.8 filtering isn’t in Post Card Archives at all and is of very limited use in Post Cards. A few examples of what I mean:

  • Filters are only shown if posts with those terms are already visible. Once you have more than one page of results this becomes a real problem. You can show the hidden ones with CSS but clicking them doesn’t retrieve the first page of relevant posts.
  • There are not AND or OR operators. You can have one or all but never a combination of terms.
  • In addition to this, filters are limited to one taxonomy. You can’t cross reference two taxonomies
  • The design is pretty much set in stone. If you have many terms or want a dropdown list or checkboxes or radio buttons or number range filters, too bad.
  • There’s no sorting or search functionality.

I really don’t want to speak ill of all your hard work but what we really NEED is compatibility with fully-functional filtering plugins that already exist. If post cards worked seamlessly with Search & Filter Pro, I could do all of the above and more.

Complex filtering is such a common need and Post Cards simply can’t do it.

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