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A bit late for Siison but this may help future dwellers. After changing text strings, whether by translation file, string replacement in functions.php or using the Say What? plugin, you’ll need to go to Avada > Options > Performance, scroll right to the bottom and hit the Reset Avada Caches button before the text will change on the front end.

I suspect that is why updating Avada did the trick for Siison. That would have purged the caches too, most likely.

It may also be helpful to note that most of the older text strings use the domain ‘Avada’ while those moved into the Fusion Builder plugin use ‘fusion-builder’ as the domain. I haven’t seen any with a context yet so that field can be left blank in Say What?.

Finally, some text strings contain %s, indicating portions that will be dynamically filled. E.g. post cards will fill some gaps with the appropriate post type label. When replacing this text you must use %s in the string to replace (exactly as it appears in the code) and can optionally use it in the replacement text.