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Hi, Avada?? The Woo Add To Cart element is deleting all content from the entire page. If I remove the Woo Add To Cart element the page content reappears.

Have you got a fix for this please you cannot have a e-commerce store without the Woo Add To Cart element working?

It appears my support has run out again even though I have purchased 2 licences of Avada and I have used Avada since 2016! It’s not fair that something like this should break and I have to pay $52.80, again, to get a resolution to an issue that should be looked into anyway. I haven’t changed a single thing I woke up and the product page was like it is in the screenshot, due to a malfunction with that particular element!

<img src=”https://laradeluxeuk.com/product/labyrinth-om-ring/&#8221; alt=”Screenshot of page when using Woo Add To Cart element”/