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Hi @vanilda-dias

I have reset your purchase code registrations. For future reference, you can log into your support account, navigate to the “Purchase Code” tab and manage the sub-domains/domains there.

Also, have a read through the Avada Registration Q & A – https://theme-fusion.com/documentation/avada/support/avada-registration-q-and-a/

In terms of resetting your site repeatedly, there is no need to do that, and it will be why you keep having to apply the purchase code to register the “new” site upon setting it up. Your question in the support ticket is as follows:

“most of all is there a way for me to reset my site without avada beind deregistered?” [SIC]

And the answer to that is: No, there is no way to avoid that. A new set up Avada requires it to be registered. And to clarify, there should be ​​​​no real reason to repetitively reset the WordPress and Avada installation using a plugin, for example. If you have imported a prebuilt site and you want to change the prebuilt site, or have a fresh start, all that is required is that you uninstall the prebuilt site as explained in this help file (and video) > https://theme-fusion.com/documentation/avada/prebuilt-websites/how-to-import-a-prebuilt-avada-website/
Thank you kindly