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Hi @jetxpert-envato

It is hard to understand your true motivation, and over time, the only conclusion left is that you deliberately try to undermine using allegations that are more sensational than anything else.

I am going to address each of your points as copied verbatim:

“indicative of ThemeFusion’s continued, indiscriminate addition of bloat to the Avada theme”

– These template files have been included with Avada for years, and it is nothing new.
– These template files are only active if and when the end-user decides to use the plugin in question and thereby do not and cannot add to “bloat.”

“and/or creating backend doors that could result in the injection of malware into our website.”

– Alleging that we deliberately create back doors is defamatory, and you know it. Besides it being completely untrue, the same could be said for including WooCommerce template files, et al.

“Above explains why we are continuously having performance issues with Avada — no matter what we do in the backend (e.g., using cache plugins, eliminating unused assets, etc.)”

– See the second point above. If your understanding of performance is in pursuance of conjecture, then this is on point. If your understanding of performance is based on fact, then you will see that unused files have zero impact on performance.

If you are so truly unhappy with Avada, then move on. We are simply tired of trying to placate you and misplaced “facts” that have no other intention other than sowing dissension and miscommunication. We have repeatedly asked you to edify instead of deliberate attempts at forcing a reaction from our team. Therefore, I have revoked your right to post on this community forum.

Thank you, MB