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I started emailing over a month ago. If you replied today, I haven’t gotten it as I was busy warning others of the trouble with this licensing. You did not reply to the one I did a month ago nor a week ago. So you call people liars when they ask questions? So clearly you don’t read the emails as I listed every code I have. Wanna screen shot? I know what we’ve bought and for the amount of licenses I’ve bought, you should be giving me a discount. They weren’t being used on multiple sites and that is libelous of you to say. I don’t need your support, I only signed up when the goofy license game playing started. You are driving off a lot of developers that build demo sites AND THEN BUY A LICENSE WHEN THEIR CLIENT BUYS THE PROJECT!!!

I personally have three that I use all the time on demos i’m building. All three of those are locked.