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Hi @yukonxl

None of what you have mentioned here is correct. Some details:

– You emailed us via the contact form > https://d.pr/vVs3rn
– We replied to that email exactly 5 minutes later > https://d.pr/vVs3rn
– You then posted a review 5 minutes after our reply to the email > https://d.pr/i/G17Xc8

Do not say we have not replied when in fact we have replied, within minutes, to assist you. Likewise, after looking up your support account, the only single purchase code you have registered within the support account is not locked and is registered to a top-level domain.

About licensing and how that works, there is no such thing as “lifetime license multiple license” for any theme sold via Themeforest. There has never been.

A license is valid for life. However, according to Envato’s licensing terms and conditions, you need a license per top-level domain install of the theme.

Thank you kindly