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I whish I seen this thread before I bought, honestly.

As a webdeveloper I take great care to create a performant website. I don’t like to develop WP themes myself. Therefore bought Avada. It looks cool, works great, and the possibilities are endless.

And so are the resources that are loaded, endless. I was shocked when I created a simple page with a few images, to find out 50 JS files are loaded, and I didn’t even take look at the CSS yet.
What I did instead, was wasting hours finding out how to get all that crap out. And what do you know? The “solution” is buy other plugins to fix this mess for you.
So I search for a performant theme builder, pay for it, and to make it performant I need to pay for other plugins again.

I read earlier “Don’t blame Avada”. I’m truly sorry, but I do.