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Hi @pbeaulieu

Any plugin bundled with any theme purchased via the Themeforest marketplace does not require an additional license and they work as expected with your theme. As per our detailed help file -> https://theme-fusion.com/documentation/avada/plugins/avada-required-and-bundled-plugins/

“Many themes sold on ThemeForest come bundled with premium plugins from CodeCanyon. A plugin offers additional functionality and features beyond a typical WordPress installation, and you do not need additional licensing in order to use the plugin with your theme. The terms and conditions for bundled plugins is set out by Envato.”

You do not add a token or any purchase code to any of the bundled plugins, you simply install them and use as desired. The ‘activate’ notice you might see on one of these plugins comes from the plugin developer. Why do they add that? In short, each plugin is sold on CodeCanyon as a stand-alone plugin and what the developers do is create add-ons and additional content etc that can be accessed if you buy a stand-alone license.

None of this affects or alters the plugins core functionality or limits it in any way. Also, note this section in the help file:

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of Avada 5.4.1, Avada bundled plugins can be updated independently and outside of an Avada theme update. The update notification will be visible and can be accessed via the Avada > Plugins section.

Thank you kindly