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There appears to be syntax/encoding errors in the Expedia script. Change the quotation marks to regular double quotes like below and the code works in a plain old HTML document and when I paste it into a Code Block widget in Avada (http://www.pigsandbees.com/widget-test/):

<div id="widgetContainerBox" data-isaddnofollow="false"></div>
<script src="https://apps.expediapartnercentral.com/lodging/content/award/static/js/rating/11962641/Hotels-Dark-Square-en_GB.js?widgetName=Property Rating Widget&hotelName=Langdale View Guest House&noFollow=false"></script>

The AirBnB widget not working is a known issue on their end:

Putting that code into a plain HTML document and viewing the Console in FireFox shows an error ‘fetch is not configured, missing property’. I’d contact AirBnB to see if they have a fix.