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I upraded Avada to 5.5.2 and then I made these upgrades by fustion patcher:

May. 24, 2018
Fixes privacy embeds translatable strings and cookie argument filter.

May. 25, 2018
Fixes string translations for privacy embed placeholder text.

May. 30, 2018
Template files update for compatibility with WooCommerce 3.4.1.

Jun. 6, 2018
Fixes missing Google Play Font Awesome icon.

Your post was very helpfull. I’ve done some changes like: clearing and optimizing my database by plugin wp optimization. I also increased some values of php. In system status i found record: PHP Max Input Vars: 1000 which is 1920 recommended, so i added it to these settings from you. For the moment it’s done only by my side. Now ill try to contact my provider. Unfortunately right now im using: PHP 5.6.30-0+deb8u1 and MySQL 5.5.55.

All things i done works for now, but it looks like: 1 hour is everything ok and then get blackout for 10 minutes.

Kind regards