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Michael C
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Multiple emails means multiple emails (more than one). Clearly you know how to contact us, yet in this case decided to post in a community forum. You say you wanted community feedback, yet your question is clearly aimed toward ThemeFusion. Would a community member be able to answer this?

How soon should we expect to (or will we) see all of the Avada Demos CF7 forms updated to add checkboxes/info label (so they have the same general feel as the internal Avada form with the Theme Options>>Contact Form>> Display Data Privacy Confirmation Box and label?

Hence why I asked on the purpose for posting this in a community forum where it is a question towards ThemeFusion and not something that is going to end up in any worthwhile community discussion.

My response and tone of response is down to a couple things:
1. You are choosing to post in a community forum when really your question is just for ThemeFusion.
2. Its not the first time you have done this.

Regarding the actual query of the ticket with form consents. That is because we do not deem that necessary. Others may, which is why we provide the option in the theme. We are a theme developer, we provide the tools – which we have. The demos already come with full content and working forms.

Yes, you may have been told in beta about an upcoming feature with contact forms. That is because you were a member of a closed beta. You have early access to the information and plans for the future – not all of which are confirmed and therefore ready for public release. Which is another reason why posting such things in a community forum is not appreciated. Especially when you already have a direct line to our staff if you want to ask a question or lodge a complaint.

Complaints are expected and often lead to positive changes (as with the bug reporting feature). Nobody is saying that nothing negative can be posted on the forum. What is not positive is forum threads where no worthwhile discussion will take place – which is what I perceived this and the other thread to be about. Both of these I perceived to be complaints against ThemeFusion and discontent about the new company site rather than real complaints or questions.

Note, this is me responding as an individual. I am not a spokesperson for ThemeFusion and do not pretend to be, as I am sure you can tell from my responses.