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@Michael C – TBH I was really looking for other Avada user input from the COMMUNITY on this question, and wondering if my peers are seeing it as I do. You (clarification, theme-fusion so I don’t make this appear as a personal attack) adjusted the internal simple contact form to add privacy option toggles for displaying notification in the form under the heading of GDPR tools. The timing for the change indicates it’s apparently as a response to the new requirements for your EU users. but you (again, theme-fusion) did not make any adjustments in the Avada provided demo themes… that’s the “disconnect” I mentioned, (and it’s simply my opinion). Maybe just a different department (Developers and Designers?)

Yep, you did ask about my purpose in another thread as to some agenda I might have (#444275) and I did respond via email to support@theme-fusion.com, to Michael B, and ask him to forward my response to you.

Multiple emails? That borders on funny – responding to a personal slap from you in a forum thread (that post referenced above), a properly formatted request for GDPR disclosure about personal data that theme-fusion maintains in the dataset which apparently was incomplete. (FWIW, there’s a miss-match in total number of registered purchase codes displayed in your site under my account, and the total number of purchase codes on my themeforest.com page for your theme.) Or are you referencing the 2-3 suggestions I’ve made the past YEAR sent to support@themefusion.com. Humm, IIRC the last “suggestion” was for a bug report link to help users report possible theme issues that were past the 6-month support window (which is now included in the contact form, so thank you kindly for that). Suppose that could be considered “multiple” emails, but I’m unsure what threshold you set with multiple… possibly you’re confusing me for another registered Avada user that’s blown up your email system?

I’m certainly unclear about what you’re suggesting should be submitted as a new theme feature. Contact Forms as a separate item on incremental demo imports? Humm, did that during the GitHub public beta testing, when the incremental feature was added. (IIRC was told by you or Marcus that the stand alone contact form incremental option was in the works.) Now we’re up to v5.5, and it’s still not there. Maybe I just have a different perspective regarding what a complete demo should include, or expected an author provided demo to showcase what could be done using the theme options… guess not? (Not sarcasm, just observation).

So pointed question – is this the Community Forum for Avada fanboys? Do our posts require filtering to be politically correct to avoid your perception of bashing the theme (and apparently offending a Senior Developer)? Should I just restrict my questions to Support Tickets, since I still have +/- 4 months of support remaining on the last license purchased, or will you respond in a professional manner to your customers) posts? Or just deflect if as in this response if you’re personally offended? Note: IMO you could have just responded as the Avada Senior Developer, if you chose to respond at all, that no plans were in the works to update any of the existing demo contact forms, but it would be considered for future demos. OTOH, your immediate response, and the tone of the response, makes me wonder if your perception of the post is I’m borderline violating the “otherwise objectionable” section of Rule#6 of your published TOS.

Or leave it, and see if anyone else considers this topic helpful…