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Sometimes you’ll get that error when the Avada server is busy… I doubt the Avada domain is really blocked by your host (but it probably was unreachable when you tried). Usually just hit the refresh button in your browser and you should be good. I believe the notice to go to the page and get the patch zip file is generated by the Avada theme, and should be updated shortly with a redirect. (FWIW, the page changed with the site redesign). Anyway, new URL is https://theme-fusion.com/support/status-progress/ for the version info and associated patches. Link is in the top navigation bar, under the Support link – it’s now called Status progress.

BTW, Avada has added a bug report function to the theme-fusion.com contact form (it’s in the form’s subject field drop-down). New feature seems to work very well and while it’s a one way report, the Avada team responds VERY QUICKLY. Thank you kindly to the Theme-Fusion/Avada staff.