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@admin – OK, granted the old community forum did have a lot of old/outdated info BUT TO ME ANYWAY, it did have a lot of practical information as well, and it was easy enough to check the thread start date to see if it was likely to be relevant (I usually define relevant as at least started during the v5.X.X theme era). FWIW, I’m glad to hear the old posts are still available in some form, especially as now that the HelpScout is working for me again and is able to access my user name with both my original and updated email, and I’m only dealing with the 12-15 month gap in accessing my support ticket history.

Possibly while you are working out what to do to address the Community Forum previous post issue (OK, the post # did sort of hint it wasn’t totally gone, else the post number would probably have reset), could you turn the spam filter(s) back on? My written Russian is quite weak (massive understatement, spoken is about as bad), but I really doubt any of the Avada users are looking for new resources to watch 1080 HD video on their anderoid/iPhone devices.