Avada Forums Community Forum How do you access older Community Forum posts? Reply To: How do you access older Community Forum posts?

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Hi Guys!

Actually we did not decide to purge all old forum posts, we still have them but yes the links have changed.

We had to get the new company site out and ready by May 25th due to the new EU – data privacy laws … this was a must. We did not have time to sort out what to do with the previous community forum.

The old community forum has a lot of misinformation in it, at the same time it has some useful information. We do feel we need to start over on the forums since Avada’s codebase has changed so much for the better. Yet at the same time, we do feel the old forum info is valuable to our customer base so we are looking into ways to make it accessible.

Just give us some more time to work it out and decide on what we are doing.

Thanks guys.