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Progress. As part of the long awaited Theme-Fusion site design, they (Theme-Fusion) apparently made a decision to purge all previous Community Forum posts concurrent with the theme-fusion.com update. Reading through posts @ the Facebook Avada Users Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/AvadaUsers/) and keep in mind that the FB group is also an UNOFFICIAL support channel, the reason they have put forward (I’m summarizing here) is it no longer had any value to Avada users. Other comments there (again UNOFFICIAL) would suggest that the old posts caused more Support problems than it was worth and it was a cost/benefit decision. Bottom line for Avada users, the old Community Forum posts are gone, and this is what you get… Progress.

In the short term, the Facebook Group is available to all Avada users, and it is searchable… but if you do decide to use it as an option to searching the remaining Avada docs FROM INSIDE THE NEW SITE or submitting an official support ticket to get help with the theme, I’d strongly suggest you read the FB Group Administrator’s rules (in the intro sticky) and follow them.