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For Avada 5.0 we have officially reduced the size of the Avada install package. We have done this to prevent common theme installation failures as a result of many hosting providers that limit their servers Maximum File Upload Size and although easily rectified, it is a lengthy and cumbersome process for many especially newcomers to WordPress and premium themes. To achieve the smaller install package and improve the overall user experience, we have offloaded all demo content and premium plugins (Revolution and Layer Slider) by creating a new and improved way to install.

What Does Offloading Mean?

Do not worry, the Layer and Revolution Sliders and all demos can still installed via the Avada tab in the WordPress Dashboard, we have simply improved how they are installed. It is better, smoother and faster to install because they will be served from our own dedicated server instead of included in the install package from Themeforest.

How To Install Demos & Premium Plugins

Before you can download and install demo content and the included plugins, you will be required to register your purchase via the new Token Registration method. This is an important step for new and existing users of Avada, regardless of wether you are installing Avada for the first time or updating to Avada 5.0. To learn more about Token Registration please read this help file.

Fallback Methods

If you’re experiencing difficulty with downloading and installing the offloaded plugins and demos, then please see the fallback methods below.

1.) Contact Your Hosting Provider First

If you’re experiencing issues with Token Registration and are certain that you followed the new Token Registration process fully, please contact your hosting provider and have them check to see if they are blocking our server. (These URL’s must not be blocked :: | | If your hosting provider confirms that they are not blocking our service, please submit a support ticket to our team so that we can investigate this further.

2.) Fallback Method for Token Registration

If Token Registration continues to fail, as an alternative you can go to your Support Desk and instead using the available Support Desk Token Key Field, register with your personal token this way.

3.) Fallback Method For Premium Plugins

If you cannot download and install the premium slider plugins in the Avada > Plugins tab, you can instead choose to download the ‘All Files & Documentation’ Avada Package from ThemeForest. Once downloaded, unzip the file open Avada Theme folder. Locate the Avada / Includes / Plugins folder and inside you then you’ll see the and files.

The slider .zip files can be installed as is, via WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin or unzipped and the folders uploaded directly to the servers wp-content/plugins/ folder using FTP.

4.) Fallback Method For Demos

For an alternative method to download and install the Avada Demos, please see our Alternate Demo Import Method help file.

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